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Shorelight Solutions develops products to support cloud migration as well as products that empower companies to manage and monitor their enterprise.

AD Burst allows us to scale out our on-prem solutions without additional upfront capital. It just works.
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Field Test was exactly the tool we needed to simulate bandwidth requirements for our ExpressRoute implementation.


Cloud Strategy

No doubt with every year that passes, it becomes more and more apparent that cloud centric solutions are on the sustainable path for all organizations—big or small alike.

Those who have adopted the approach early—while taking advantage of the lean and agile approach to service delivery—have narrowed the gap between themselves and even long standing well established market leaders and have now begun to differentiate themselves amongst their competitors.

Larger organizations have begun to shift their growth to the cloud and hedge their capital investments. A new security mindset is afforded as teams narrow their focus and energy towards perfecting service delivery on the enterprise.

With-in just a few years, the emerging mobile app market is expected to hit over $77 billion, making apps one of the most popular computing tools for users across the globe, according to Gartner, Inc. This market will impact every single vertical, so now is the best time to engage in this market by planning your cloud, federation and mobility strategies.

Every organization has specific requirements and environmental constraints. The Shorelight Method™ for assessment and architectural blueprinting ensures optimal solution alignment with the environment. Whether you opt to maximize the value of your existing infrastructure and only desire to map your path to the cloud through hybrid transitioning or if you decide to go all in and transform your IT overnight, we can help you figure out the best approach for you and your organization.


Identity Management

A holistic Identity Management program is a crucial pillar in the realization of an organization’s cloud strategy solution. Even organizations who plan a longer path to cloud are no longer afforded the luxury of lowering their guard for users inside the perimeter. Data and privacy protection concerns of the modern enterprise drive the needs for a new granularity of control. Today Identity is the new perimeter.

The solution space for IdM (Identity Management) and IGA (Identity, Governance and Administration) is rapidly evolving. As pivotal game changers have begun to present themselves as the transition to the cloud has advanced, the major players like Microsoft, EMC², Amazon, Apple and Salesforce are now on a mad frenzy to acquire the thought leadership and technologies to fill out their service offerings and ensure a place at the table with the emerging “App Market” and their PaaS (platform as a service) solution stack. This is contributing to the complexity of a fragmented solution space, as newly acquired technologies—frequently replacing former offerings only a few years old—leave choices unclear, even for the brand loyal customers, especially until the offerings are better integrated.

If prevailing trends leave you thinking that you can just wait and see who wins before adopting a solution, then consider that the primary advantages of embracing cloud solutions today are the low initial cost and improved agility. Let us help you realize those goals by roadmapping a strategy that works best for your organization. 

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Custom Integration

Every enterprise is comprised of legacy applications keeping the lights on. Many times the biggest challenge is making existing infrastructure and systems work with the SaaS and hybrid cloud applications.

Given the complexity of many of these systems, only an experienced solution architect can ensure a best practices and well integrated solution for your operating environment.

Case Studies

  • SharePoint migration and integration with case management tools like LexisNexis Time Matters client case and document management software
  • Custom integration and extensions with CRM solutions
  • Business process optimization including Excel calculation services and policy management tools to enable product managers to reduce time to market for new product configurations with Point-of-Sale system and supply chain tooling.
  • Sales Force analytics including Pay-for-Performance (PfP) metrics, KPIs, dashboards and tooling for wholesalers and distributors as well as brand managers (district managers and key account managers)

Operational Intelligence

Today, more than ever, having a unified view of your enterprise is essential. Operational intelligence solutions will ensure that you have real-time multidimensional analysis and situational awareness on the business critical aspects and operational characteristics of your enterprise. Big data and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) are critical capabilities for the modern enterprise.

In a modern hybrid enterprise, addressing critical but often underserved concerns are foundational to a successful cloud strategy. A new operational discipline is emerging to address new concerns that are unique to the new era of cloud computing. One such critical and underserved concern is Identity and Access Intelligence (IAI), a relatively new discipline that alongside a well implemented Identity Management solution can help ensure that services and infrastructure are properly managed and secure.

Let us help you build your hybrid cloud enterprise architecture with solid best practices and with a proven “first-things-first” approach to service delivery to ensure that your organization can have the best of both worlds today.